Must Have Customer Service Skills When Hiring a Receivables Specialist
  • Tavelli Co., Inc.

Must Have Customer Service Skills When Hiring a Receivables Specialist

There's no doubt about it - Managing receivables can be a tough job, and at the end of the day, not everyone is a good fit for it. At our company, when we hire a receivables specialist, we hire for these skills first and then train them on our collections process.

If you're looking to hire a receivables specialist at your company, you need need to be certain they have the proper professional and customer service skills. This ensures they are equipped to manage potentially difficult conversations with customers.

We focus on hiring the right people to handle our clients’ receivables. Once we have the right people on board, we make sure to put them first, so they always put your people first in return.

When we are searching for those "right people,” here are a few of the skills that we prioritize:


People who work in receivables need to be able to understand customer situations and truly empathize. This helps to facilitate proper communication with understanding and compassion, while still getting work done.

Calm Demeanor

The process of managing receivables can be stressful, especially if you're chasing payments. Having a calm demeanor can help people in your office avoid job stress, while putting upset customers that owe money at ease.

Clear Communication Skills

While working in a receivables management position, you need to be a very clear communicator, in order to get information across effectively. You should ensure all facts about a situation are explained using plain and comprehensible language.

Willingness to Learn

New, interesting, and sometimes unexpected situations arise in receivables everyday. If you work in the field, you should remain ready to be on your toes and learn new lessons as you go. If you're not willing to learn, you won't be able to adapt to unique circumstances or grow in your position.


You will be be working with people from many different walks of life if you work in receivables management. You may also be working with all kinds of frustrating or possibly bewildering situations. To effectively manage these situations, you'll need patience. Patience will help you take the time and listen to how customers got themselves into the situation they're in, so you can help figure out the best course of action to help them resolve their debt.


Confidence is a must at nearly any job and receivables management is no different. Exuding confidence will guide the customer in the right direction. Confidence typically grows with experience on the job, but some individuals are more naturally confident than others.

Good Moral Compass

A receivables specialist should set an example for the people that he or she interacts with. They should have a good moral compass, so they make the right decisions and treat customers with the utmost kindness and respect. A good moral compass ensures a receivables specialist is fair with customers and helps propel them towards success.

At the end of the day, the most important part of succeeding in receivables management is having the right customer service skills to handle tough or awkward conversations with grace. If you have the right people speaking to customers, you can bet on quality assurance and forge a company known for building healthy and meaningful client and customer relationships.


Tavelli Co. is a Sonoma County based receivables management firm that is committed to doing business the right way! At Tavelli Co. we focus on three key pillars to optimize our client's cash flow and customer relationships. PEOPLE, TECHNOLOGY, & FEEDBACK drive our results. First, we hire the best customer service representatives. Having the right PEOPLE talking to your patients and customers is crucial to the success of your revenue cycle. We put our people first so they put your customers first. Second, we never use TECHNOLOGY to cut corners. Forget auto-dialers, long hold times, or any technology that puts a barrier in front of a customer that wants to talk to a representative. We don't like when we are on the other end of this technology, so we don't use it. Finally, we believe that your past due receivables are your most valuable asset in gaining insight into what needs improvement in your revenue cycle. We take the time to listen to your customers and report back to you through meaningful analytics, so you have the FEEDBACK you need to make quality decisions.