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Collection Agency Services


Industries Served: Healthcare

Client Types: BioTech, Large Hospitals, Physician Groups, Medical Centers

Our invoice management service is a fully customized first party patient follow-up program. Our representatives call your past due patients under your brand and work to resolve unpaid balances. We align with your billing team to supplement their efforts with an outbound calling program that fits your needs.


We know the end goal is no complaints and optimized recoveries so we hire the best PEOPLE, employ TECHNOLOGY that is meaningful, and provide FEEDBACK on your accounts so you know how to improve your process.


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Industries Served: Healthcare & Commercial


Client Types: Hospitals, Physician Groups, Billing Groups, Medical & Dental Offices

Our third-party collection services are geared for both commercial and medical clients that desire quality interactions with their patients and customers. Unprofessional and outdated collection tactics of the past aren't cutting it. We look to be the bright light in this industry and provide customers with positive interactions while collecting past due receivables.

We hire the best collectors and train them on our proprietary process and the forgotten art of customer service. 

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Analytics & consulting are what make our invoice management and collection services so great. We offer these services (at different levels) complimentary to all of our clients. Sample topics covered include compliance, staff training, propensity metrics, correspondence templates (or review), and other enhancements to your revenue cycle.

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