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Debt Collection

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At Tavelli Co., Inc, our mission is to collect money the right way, through implementing innovative practices, hiring experienced people, and improving business decisions through analytics. We provide peace of mind to all involved by collecting money with professional and respect.

If your business has trouble collecting money from another business, you have come to the right place. Tavelli Co., Inc.’s third-party business debt collection agency specializes in B2B debt collection and resolution. Our third-party business debt collection program is tailored towards small to midsize businesses, including, but not limited to: lumber suppliers, materials and construction providers, advertising agencies, wholesale food suppliers, software companies, trucking companies, staffing companies, heating and air services, and other commercial businesses that operate on credit.

Our Methodology

Our methodology begins with an initial consultation, during which we discuss your unique situation. If your debt qualifies for our service, we review all related documentation, research the opposing business, identify the responsible parties involved, and initiate a customized collection strategy.

Throughout the collection process, we maintain contact with you through web based and verbal updates to keep you informed on our progress. In the initial 30 days from collection assignment, we mail demand letters and perform collection calls. Our collectors demonstrate the utmost professionalism and are trained to protect the integrity of your business every step of the way. If payments are received during the first 30 days, and your debt was placed with us within six month’s of date of service or last payment (whichever is more recent), the fee for our business debt collection service is only 10% of the amount collected. If the business does not pay in full, our collection efforts will continue at the rates listed below:

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  • There is no cost to your business unless we collect.
  • Payments made during the first 30 days, receive a reduced commission rate of 10%.
  • If debt is to an individual/consumer, the commission rate is 35%.

We always aim to maximize the return on the debt you are owed and attempt to collect payment in full, but there may be unique circumstances where payment arrangements or settlements are necessary. In these cases, we manage payment arrangements or negotiate an appropriate settlement, with your approval. If collection attempts are unsuccessful and ability to pay has been identified, your case may qualify for our outside legal service. Our outside legal service has additional fees, but a suit is only filed when we have your authorization and we are confident in the success of our case.

Large Claim Business Debt Collection

Because large business collection debts are usually more complex, our founder and CEO, Robert Tavelli, personally oversees all B2B debt collection claims that exceed $10,000. Over the last 37 years, Robert has utilized his commercial collection experience to collect millions of dollars for his clients using his tried and true collection methods.

Robert’s method starts with identifying and investigating the responsible parties to gain an understanding of the root problem standing in the way of payment. He will then come up with a custom collection strategy to bring the debt to a resolution. While his success rate is extremely high, there are instances where a debt is uncollectible due to issues that occurred when credit was initially granted. If this is the case, Robert will report back to you any issues identified, so that your business can improve your credit granting process and avoid future bad debt.


  • Experienced business debt collectors

  • Skip tracing & investigation

  • Credit analysis

  • Client web-portal

  • Large claims overseen by Robert Tavelli

  • Collection litigation (if needed)


  • Trusted collection partner

  • Collect more money

  • Reduce collection costs with early-out window

  • Maintain good customers

  • Identify process improvements

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