3 Features You Will Appreciate About Our Client Web Portal

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First and foremost, we want to acknowledge that transparency is king. As past due accounts pile up, limitations make it difficult to collect, and business continues as normal, it is important to know that your customers are well taken care of. There can understandably be hesitancy in trusting a third party with accounts receivables, however our client web portal seeks to remove any obscurity from the relationship as we stand by our track record of zero complaints.
When you assign your accounts to a collection agency, you want to know your money is collected with professionalism. Most importantly, you want to know that your customers are being handled with respect. Our client web portal streamlines the process, so that when these accounts, which can be sensitive in nature, are collected, you are kept in the loop. If you are considering using our services, here are three things you will love about the web portal.

1. Easily View the Status of Your Collection Accounts

With the easy-to-use interface, you can simply search your collection accounts by demographic, which will pull up an account to see where it is in the collection process. Our agency is dedicated to a transparent relationship with every client we serve.

2. Run Collection Reports

You can also run reports to track the success of our debt collection efforts. We understand that the top priority of debt collections is to respectfully recover the money you are owed. It is an investment and there is nothing wrong with desiring a good return on investment for a business decision. We are confident in our success rates and want to make this report easy to access at any time. You deserve to know that the decision you have made to use our collection agency is worthwhile.

3. Upload and Submit Collection Accounts Electronically

Once you have set up your initial accounts with us, we will schedule a personal tutorial on the Web-Portal’s features and provide you with your access information. The portal has an intuitive system that allows you to both submit your accounts and upload files. This minimizes the unnecessary “back and forth” you may have experienced with other debt collection services. There are also always customer service agents on hand to answer any questions you may have and to work with you to create any customized reports you may need.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with a direct and hassle-free process to collect the money you are owed on accounts. We prioritize customer service as we collect from your customers and we believe that transparency with our clients is important. The web portal simplifies this process. If you have any questions regarding these services or others, contact us at Tavelli Co., Inc. to learn more.

Tavelli Co., Inc. has over 37 years of unparalleled experience in the debt collection and receivables management industry. Our mission is to achieve the right balance between getting clients paid and being empathetic to debtor circumstances, through implementing innovative practices, hiring experienced people, and improving business decisions through analytics. We provide peace of mind to all involved by collecting money with no complaints. Tavelli Co., Inc. takes the time to carefully listen to your customers and share their feedback with you through meaningful data and transparent communication, so you have access to the information you need to make quality decisions and improve your processes in the future. Contact us today and let the debt collection experts at Tavelli Co., Inc. help you set your business up for success.

IMPORTANT: Information provided by Tavelli Co., Inc., any employees of Tavelli Co., Inc., or its subsidiaries is not intended as legal advice and may not be used as legal advice. It is not intended to be a full and exhaustive explanation of the law in any area, nor should it be used to replace the advice of your own legal counsel.

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