A Comprehensive Guide to Onboarding with Our Collection Agency

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Occasionally, individuals reach out to speak with one of our representatives about their overdue accounts and our collection services. During these conversations, we often observe a swift transition from inquiries to a desire to onboard. This could be attributed to our company’s outstanding customer service or the expertise of our CEO, one of the top collection specialists in the nation. Typically, people contact us based on word-of-mouth recommendations or after perusing our Google reviews.

While many appreciate our small family business, some may not realize how effortlessly qualifying businesses can sign up with Tavelli Co, a commercial debt collection agency in Santa Rosa. We generally partner with companies that have revolving accounts, within a certain time range, and who are willing to learn and grow their AR department in the process. While not all companies may qualify, we try our very best to onboard those with a desire to use our services.

Embarking on the journey of debt recovery with our collection agency is a strategic move towards financial success. In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps of onboarding, ensuring a seamless transition and efficient collaboration between your company and our experienced team.

  1. Initiate Contact:

The first step towards leveraging our collection services is to reach out to us. Whether you prefer a traditional phone call or the convenience of our user-friendly website, initiating contact is as easy as expressing your interest in our services. We understand the importance of accessibility and our team is ready to respond promptly to your inquiries.

  1. Tailored Approach Discussion:

Once you’ve made contact, our team of experienced representatives will engage with you in a detailed discussion. This conversation is crucial for understanding the unique aspects of your company and tailoring our approach to meet your specific needs. We recognize that every business is distinct and our commitment is to provide a customized strategy that aligns seamlessly with your goals.

  1. Intake Process Walkthrough:

Following the initial discussion, our representative will guide you through the intake process. This is a swift and efficient step, typically taking only 5-10 minutes of your time. During this walkthrough, we’ll collect essential information required to initiate an agreement. Our goal is to make this process as streamlined as possible, minimizing disruptions to your daily operations.

  1. Docusign Agreement:

After completing the intake process, a Docusign agreement will be generated and sent directly to the email address you provide. This agreement outlines the terms and contingency rates associated with our services. Take the time to thoroughly review the document, ensuring a clear understanding of the agreement. Our transparency is key and we encourage open communication to address any questions or concerns you may have.

  1. Review and Sign:

Once you’ve reviewed the agreement and are satisfied with the terms, the next step is to sign the document electronically using the Docusign platform. This secure and efficient method ensures a quick turnaround, expediting the onboarding process. Your digital signature signifies the official commencement of our partnership, solidifying our commitment to working collaboratively towards your debt recovery goals.

  1. Welcome Letter:

Upon the completion of the agreement, a warm and informative welcome letter will be sent to you. This letter serves as a formal acknowledgment of your partnership with our collection agency. It will provide additional details about what to expect moving forward, reinforcing our dedication to a transparent and communicative relationship.

  1. Portal Training:

The final step in our onboarding process involves portal training. Our team will guide you through the functionalities of our user-friendly portal, empowering you with the knowledge to assign accounts, upload necessary documents, and efficiently report payments. This training ensures that you are well-equipped to navigate our system with ease, maximizing the benefits of our collaboration.

Embarking on a partnership with our collection agency near you is a strategic decision aimed at optimizing your debt recovery processes. By following these simple steps, you not only initiate a seamless onboarding experience but also lay the foundation for a collaborative and fruitful relationship. After reading this article, if any questions arise, please feel free to reach out to us. We are one phone call away! Our office can be reached at (707) 509-5565


Tavelli Co., Inc. has over 40 years of unparalleled experience in the debt collection and receivables management industry. Our mission is to achieve the right balance between getting clients paid and being empathetic to debtor circumstances, through implementing innovative practices, hiring experienced people, and improving business decisions through analytics. We provide peace of mind to all involved by collecting money with no complaints. Tavelli Co., Inc. takes the time to carefully listen to your customers and share their feedback with you through meaningful data and transparent communication, so you have access to the information you need to make quality decisions and improve your processes in the future. Contact us today and let the debt collection experts at Tavelli Co., Inc. help you set your business up for success.

IMPORTANT: Information provided by Tavelli Co., Inc., any employees of Tavelli Co., Inc., or its subsidiaries is not intended as legal advice and may not be used as legal advice. It is not intended to be a full and exhaustive explanation of the law in any area, nor should it be used to replace the advice of your own legal counsel.

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