Training Collectors for Optimal Results
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Training Collectors for Optimal Results

Training Collectors for Optimal Results

Finding the right person to handle your organization's receivables management can be challenging. When you are able to secure a candidate with the ideal mix of empathy, patience, and confidence, as well as exceptional communication skills, it feels like you have hit the jackpot.

However, all of these characteristics and skills will only be effective if your hiring process includes appropriate collection training. Without the right business-specific knowledge, even the most experienced receivables management professionals will struggle to be successful.

De-Escalating Difficult Conversations

Collections calls are tough and keeping the conversations on track can be tricky. Receivables management agents must have the ability to de-escalate difficult conversations if they are to accomplish their dual goals of gaining customers’ commitment to settle accounts while still protecting the business relationship. Part of your training program must be dedicated to enhancing this specific skill set, as your company’s reputation will be determined by how well agents perform in this area.

Following Established Process Flow

Once customer service skills are firmly in place, the next step is to train agents on your business-specific processes. Errors in process flow detract from customer experiences, such as duplicate calls, payments left unrecorded, and other inconveniences. The particulars of how you status and notate accounts vary by organization and by receivables management platform, so it is critical to offer new hires an opportunity to learn your systems and standardize collection processes.

Staying in Compliance with Relevant Regulations

Finally, for the sake of your clients and your business, every training program should review relevant compliance information. Violations of regulations such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and similar carry hefty penalties for individuals and the organizations that employ them.

One of the reasons clients choose Tavelli Co. is our extensive training programs. We provide comprehensive new hire instruction to ensure our representatives are friendly, process-driven, and compliant with all relevant regulations. In addition, we prioritize continuous improvement by offering our staff members on-going coaching and training to sharpen skills and stay up-to-date with changes in the legal and regulatory landscape.

Tavelli Co. is a leader in high-quality receivables management services. Our clients are organizations that want to outsource or supplement their receivables management process to increase effectiveness. We specialize in providing customer service for large brands focused on maximizing the customer experience and building their brand image. Contact us to learn more about how our company aligns with your business objectives.

Tavelli Co. is a Sonoma County based receivables management firm that is committed to doing business the right way! At Tavelli Co. we focus on three key pillars to optimize our client's cash flow and customer relationships. PEOPLE, SYSTEMS, & DATA drive our results. First, we hire the best customer service representatives. Having the right PEOPLE talking to your patients and customers is crucial to the success of your revenue cycle. We put our people first so they put your customers first. Second, we never use SYSTEMS to cut corners. Forget auto-dialers, long hold times, or any technology that puts a barrier in front of a customer that wants to talk to a representative. We don't like when we are on the other end of this technology, so we don't use it. Finally, we believe that your past due receivables are your most valuable asset in gaining insight into what needs improvement in your revenue cycle. We take the time to listen to your customers and report back to you through meaningful analytics, so you have the DATA you need to make quality decisions.